SheDev(She Can She Codes)

Career in freelancing with SheDev over 750 students have been trained through our professional courses. They have started their journey
as independent freelancers.


Advance Freelancing

Are you worried that your profiles aren’t ranking and clients do not approach you?  Worry less, SheDev will assist you to jumpstart to Skill development

Social Media Marketing

Let’s vast your approach with SheDev Social Media Marketing training. Come and learn the use of social media platforms to promote companies’ offering and also started the Skill development

Game Development

Write code for games! Learn backbone coding languages for game development. So take a designer’s concepts and build them into a playable game for users. SheDev will assist you to jumpstart your Skill development.

Advanace WordPress Development

If you are not skilled in advanced programming languages but still want to be a website developer. So, take the WordPress training and create optimized websites and Started career in freelancing. 

UI UX Design

If you’re passionate about the latest technology trends and devices. you’ll find great fulfillment in being involved in the design process for the next hot gadget. Let’s make some user-friendly interfaces.

Content Writing

Want to earn via writing? This course will help you to learn basic and advanced SEO Content Writing, Technical Writing, Blogging, Website Content, Copy Writing, Editing & Proofreading.

Digital Literacy

We have witnessed the technical needs of the women in Gilgit Baltistan.  SheDev has launched training for all the ladies who are beginners in the field of tech and want to get advanced IT skills.


Skillful Ramazan

Holy Ramadan is near. Prepare your mind and body to gain the maximum benefit from that.

Let us eat less and learn more with Skillful Ramazan. 

Website Developement

It doesn’t matter if you are from a tech background or not, learn programming languages and be a website developer. 

What is the delay?.

Meta Winter Camp

This winter, do you want to engage yourselves in learning Digital Skills or stay at home? 

If learning, what is the wait? Join SheDev and warm up your winters.


Ashia Bibi
Ashia BibiContent Writer
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Taking the course has made all the difference for me. I struggled with job hunting and proposal writing despite taking several pieces of training and trying for months. The SheDev Advanced Freelancing Course helped me to such a level that I got my first four projects in a month.
Sehrish Khan
Sehrish KhanDigital Marketer
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I began my freelance journey after enrolling in SheDev' Digital and Social Media Marketing training in collaboration with GBIT. During this training, I was offered an internship at SheDev. SheDev provided me with an environment in which they polished my skills. I'd like to thank SheDev for providing such an excellent learning platform.
Saima Shah
Saima ShahSocial Media Marketer
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I was always passionately interested in learning Digital skills. Because l believes that this era is all about technology. So for this purpose, I began my Digital Marketing journey in SheDev as an internee. I had started from scratch. SheDev provided me with an environment in which they polished my marketing skills. I'd like to thank SheDev for providing such an excellent learning platform.
QuratulainWeb Developer
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I am an alumni of the Web Development course at SheDev. The program remained beneficial and created a positive effect on my career. I believe that platforms like these can uplift the lives of the women in the area. so that they can become independent and support their families too. SheDev is the best platform for tech courses. I found the staff and other participants of the course very cooperative and sincere. Thank you SheDev for the amazing experience.
Maira Jahan
Maira JahanWeb Developer
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I am working as an intern at SheDev from last few months. I really like their weekly report check and emphasizing on team's skill development. The environment is friendly and goal oriented. The best thing about the company is empowering women through digitally who donot even know how to operate a laptop. My warm wishes are for the SheDev family and compnay